Telegraph Key
Other Books by Bob Betts

The Code Book, 1st Ed, (see the second edition here)
Ham Stories, (stories about students experiencing common problems learning the code and how they conquered them),
Ham Stories II (more stories about students experiencing common problems),
Railroad Telegraphy (a history since the 1850s),
Morse Mnemonics (a code-learning course for the handicapped),  
Shakespeare vs. Bacon (a bibliography with annotation and notes),
Blondie, From Punk to the Present (editor) a 512 page anthology of the band that dared to be different ... with hit
records since the mid-1970s -  five decades of punk, new wave, rock, pop, dance, tecnho, rap, disco, jazz,
and plain old Rock 'n' Roll.
The Code Book
I have been building and collecting
telegraph keys for many years. My first key
was an AMICO K-1 which I bought back in
the late 1950s. I still have it and it works just

The photos here are a small sample from my
collection. In time, I'll add more pictures to
this site.

Some of my homebrewed keys have been
featured in various Ham radio periodicals
and books:

CQ magazine, several issues in Dave
Ingram's "World of Ideas,"

Dave Ingram's second book on keys :
Keys II: The Emporium,

Tom French's
Vail Correspondent,

and Europe's
Morsum Magnificat.  
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